Baby Lores Behind the True dream


Baby Lores, the well-known urban singer from the largest of the Antilles, based today in Miami, USA, returns to the fray with his entrepreneurial spirit, since in addition to his multiple talents in the area of ​​musical culture, Yoandys Lores also has skills as a project organizer of business in which he is immersed today and spends more than 70% of his time.

At this time, who was known in Cuba for the money-making machine, is truly focused on diversifying his income, that will help you fulfill one of your greatest dreams as a child, to be able to help his community get ahead while maintaining his own lifestyle, austere, simple but loose in order to continue enjoying the freedom he have achieved by not being tied to any contractual arrangement that could compromise his “own movements”.

Now-a-day the singer only participates in those projects and collaborations in which he decides to get involved.

In this post we will not reveal all of his projects, but just to mention some of them, The BL Music Academy is on top priorities now, and it’s expected to be officially launch by next summer, while the “EL Clave” Studio is ready and fabricating all of what’s coming on next.

And, oppose to the popular saying, “Baby Lores”, not only sings, he also eats fruits, expression which stands for the entrepreneurship and multifaceted musician personality.

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