60’s Style is back. What to wear?

The eternal legacy of fashion from the decades before the turn of the century continues to inspire the latest proposals from the most exclusive designers. Its collections are bathed each season with references that honor past times in which, not necessarily everything was better, but the style lessons did open the way to a new stage where anything goes. A throwback to the eccentric 80’s and laid back 70’s are classics in most collections. But the 60s represent that time that, albeit covertly, left us with the most structured patterns of fashion.

The sixties were characterized, fundamentally, by freedom of expression among the youngest; a liberation that had its origin in music and that considerably affected those mentalities that were more dominated. As a consequence of freedom of expression and thought, fashion also underwent a revolution, giving rise to trends that had never been seen before and that were promoted, in part, by the hippie culture. Undoubtedly, they were years in which fun was highlighted in addition to the constant search for identity, which led to the emergence of concepts that we know today as fun, extravagant and original clothing.

Source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/es/moda/street-style/g30940558/tendencias-anos-60-2022/#location-choice

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